Georgian television in mobile – 2023

You can watching Georgian channels online streaming with our app.

About this app

The easiest way to access Georgian TV programs. All of the most popular TV programs in one app! Select the programs and watch them just in a few clicks!

Ultimate solution for Georgian TV.

Georgian TV guide is a free application which provides you perfect simplicity and ultimate intuitiveness in usage. You can directly.

es aris Sami yvelaze sauketeso aplikatsia romelits shegidzliat upasod gadmotvirtot tqvens mobilur teleponshi rata uyurot yvela qartul televiziis arxs liveshi

Aplikatsiis gadmosaterad miachire qvemot motsemul links

  • pirveli aplikatsiistvis miachiret aq
  • meore aplikatsiistvis miachiret aq
  • mesame aplikatsiistvis miachiret aq

List of channels:
*first channel
*Rustavi 2
* Second channel
* Silk Wagon
* First TV
* Iberia
* Maestro
* Voice of Abkhazia
* Marao
* Quality channel
* Rugby tv
* Unanimity
* Lens
* Rioni

italiis binadrobis / permemos ganxilvis platforma

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